Dear visitors,
Villa Venezia Trier is open !

Dear visitor, the 2G+ rule applies in the Villa Venezia!


In the Villa Venezia you need a mask. We do not allow entry without mask !



The minimum distance between sex workers and clients cannot be respected in the provision of services. There are therefore a number of things to be considered.

We ask for your support in this respect by adhering strictly to these guidelines. If you are unable to comply with them, you should refrain from visiting us directly.
Persons suffering from symptoms typical of Covid19 or even quarantined are not allowed to enter the house. 

The contact details of all visitors must be recorded and the information provided must be verified by presenting an identity card. These data must be kept for 4 weeks, after which they will be destroyed.

The contact details are kept securely locked until they are destroyed. They will only be passed on to the responsible public health department in the event of an infection being traced. 
They will not be passed on to other third parties. 

The obligation to wear masks in contact between male and female guests is obligatory from the first contact !

Except during sexual activities, all visitors and other persons present in the house must keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

Male and female visitors must wash or disinfect their hands before and after sexual activities.

A maximum of 2 persons may stay in each room. 

Alcoholic beverages may neither be offered nor consumed.

We are aware that this situation is unpleasant for you.

Thank you for your understanding !

Villa Venezia Trier
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